Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Country Show

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The Country Show COVER
Farmer was getting Goat ready for the country show. Farmer brought him a thick blanket. He brushed Goat’s coat until it was shiny. He fed him spinach.

“I would like a thick blanket,” grumbled Chicken.
“I would like some spinach,” moaned Cow.
“I would like my coat brushed,” groaned Horse.
“I have had enough of your complaining!” said Cat, early one morning. “It’s impossible to get any sleep around here.” The animals looked at Cat in surprise.

“Instead of moaning,” said Cat, “why don’t you do something about it?”
“What can we do?” asked the animals.Cat sighed. “Talk to Farmer,” he continued, “and make him understand why you are unhappy.”

Chicken, Cow, Horse and the farmers
That afternoon, the animals went to the farmhouse. They knocked on Farmer’s door. He could not believe the animals all wanted to be looked after like Goat.
“That’s impossible,” he said. “I don’t have the time.”

The animals went back to the barnyard feeling quite sorry for themselves. Cat listened to them complain again.
“Why don’t you go on strike?” he suggested. “Don’t do anything for Farmer until he does what you want.”

The next day, Farmer went to get the milk from Cow. “No milk?” Farmer exclaimed. “I have no time to make milk,” said Cow.

Then, Farmer went to ride Horse to the market, but Horse wouldn’t move. “No ride today?” he exclaimed.
“I have no time to take you there,” said Horse.

Finally, Farmer went to get eggs from Chicken’s nest.“No eggs?” he exclaimed.
“I have no time to lay eggs,” said Chicken.
wonderful animals sleeping

Farmer realized how much he needed the animals. Without their help, there would be no eggs to eat and no milk to drink. He would not be able to go to the market.

The next morning, Farmer brought spinach for all the animals. They had thick blankets. He brushed their coats until they were shiny. Cow gave milk, and Chicken laid eggs. Horse took Farmer to the market.
That afternoon, Farmer took all the animals to the country show. “What wonderful animals you have,” the judge said. He gave them each a blue ribbon.That night, Cat had the best sleep ever.

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