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Heat moves from warm places to cold places. Heat moves from warm things to cold things. Heat can come from different things. Heat comes from the light of the Sun.

Light from the Sun heats water and land.


Rub things together. This makes heat too.  Moving also makes heat. Jump up and down.

How does your body feel?



The Sun gives light. Light is a kind of energy. Energy can change things. Energy from the Sun can change the temperature.  More light makes things warmer.


Light and Shadows

Light comes from many things. Can you see  light from the Sun? Is there a light in your room?

Making Shadows

Light can go through some things. Light cannot go through other things. A shadow is made  when light is blocked. Stand in the Sun’s light. Your body blocks the light. The light cannot get to Earth. There is a shadow. It is the shape of you!

Making Shadows

Changing Shadows

Shadows can change. Shadows are big if  the light is close. Shadows are small if the light is far away. Shadows are different at different times of the day. Shadows are short when the Sun looks high in the sky. They are long when the Sun looks low in the sky.

Changing Shadows

Energy Around Us

There are different kinds of energy. A bus  needs energy to move. It gets energy from  fuel. Fuel is burned to make heat or power. Gasoline is fuel for the bus. Gasoline burns.

Then the bus can move.

Wind is moving air. Wind has energy. Energy from wind can make things move.

Energy Around Us

Electricity gives energy too. Energy from electricity makes things work. Electricity moves from power lines to a plug. The energy moves into the cord from the plug. A battery stores energy. This toy car uses energy from a battery.

Energy for You

People need energy too. We need energy to grow, change, and move. People get energy  from food. You use energy all the time! You use energy to play. You use energy to rest. You use energy to read this book. You even use energy to blink your eyes!

Energy for You

Look at this house. Energy comes from Look around you right now. You will see all around. Can you name the things energy comes from?

Energy around us

Battery: something that stores energy
Electricity: something that makes street lights and other things work
Energy: something that can change thingsFuel: something burned to make heat or power  
Heat: moves from warmer places and objects to cooler places and objects Shadow: a dark shape made when something blocks the light

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