Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jackson's Tree

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My name is Jackson, and I live in the city. There are two vacant lots between our apartment building and the one next door, so lots of kids play there. My mom likes it when I play there. She says, “I can always see where you are—it’s like our very own safe park.”

I thought about what Mom said. Good parks have lots of trees. Trees make a comfortable, shady spot for a picnic, and trees make places beautiful.
Then I had an idea that I discussed with Mom the next morning. “Let’s ask Mr. Miro about your idea,” she said. Mr. Miro was the owner of the vacant lots and he lived in an apartment upstairs. Mom came with me to see him.

Mr. Miro invited us into his living room. We all sat down, and I told him my idea. I wanted to plant trees on the vacant lots to make our play area more
like a park.
“That’s a great idea, Jackson. This city needs more parks!” said Mr. Miro.
That afternoon, Mom helped me write a letter. That evening, we delivered the letter to all the apartments near the lots. We posted one on the board, too.

Finally, Saturday arrived. People came with small trees. One man even brought two trees since he had found a bargain at a tree sale, two for the price
of one.
All the neighbors started digging. The children already knew each other. The parents exchanged names and got to know each other, too.

When everyone left, I stood and looked at all the new little trees. My good mood was spoiled when I realized it would take years for the trees to grow. I might not even use the lots then.
A week later, we were playing on the lots when Mr. Miro came along. We also saw a digger and a truck with an enormous tree on it. “Run along now,” he told us, mysteriously. “Come back in one hour.”

An hour later, we returned to the park. The huge tree had been planted. A crowd of parents had gathered, looking astonished. Mr. Miro called all of us together.
“Your gift of trees will take many years to grow,” he told us. “I have planted a larger tree that you can enjoy now. I am calling it Jackson’s Tree.”
Mr. Miro and my father gave me a boost up onto a low branch of that wonderful tree. Everyone clapped because it had been my idea to plant the trees. I felt very proud.
Jackson Tree picture
Jackson's Tree by Al Webster

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  5. This is a lovely story which has a moral and a purpose. Your blog is a wonderful educational resource which I often refer to for planning my educational lessons.



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