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Let's Discover Gold

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Many valuable things can be found in the earth's crust. There are precious stones and metals. one of the metals is gold.

Gold is rare. it is often found in very small flakes. it can also be found in lumps called nuggets. The biggest nugget ever found weighet more than 125 pounds (about 57 kg). That's as much as about two second-graders!

The biggest collection of gold in the world is stored  at the bank of New York. The gold there is owned by many different countries. the bank of New York is very safe place to keep gold. it is worth billions dollars.

Around 6.000 years ago, the ancient Egyptian learned how to mine and use gold. They separated the gold from the rock found in the hills by the Red Sea.
egyptian gold

Gold became very important to Egyptians. They usedit to make art and jewelry. Many ancient gold objects have found in the famous pyramids in Egypt.

Gold can last a long time. It never rusts or rots. Beautiful gold objects are sometimes found in the ground or in the sea thousands of years after they were buried. When the objects are discovered, they are still perfect.
gold under the sea

Gold is easy to work with. It is a soft metal, so it can easily be made into different shapes. it can be bent or rolled or twisted without breaking.
A small piece of gold can be beaten into large sheet or pulled into a long wire. It can be made harder by mixing it with other metals.
shaping gold

Gold can be used for all kinds of things. Sometimes gold is used in making clotch. It is common to use gold in electronic equipment, such as computers and telephones.

Gold is even used in space. Helmet visors are coated with gold to protect astronout's eyes from the bright sun.

Sometimes gold is found in streams and rivers. People sort gold flakes from the gravel at the bottom of streams using special pans.
pan gold

In the late 1840s, many people rushed to California to look for gold. A man called James W. Marshall found a gold nugget that had settled under the gravel river. When the news got around, people came from all over the world. They thought they would find gold.
1840's on California

Today there are huge machines that can dig gold out of rock. The machines crush the rocks, the gold is romeved.
Most of the world's gold is found in South Africa. There are many big gold mines there.

People love gold jewelry and other things made of gold, it is often called "golden". Now you know why!

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