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All About Electricity

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all about electricity

What You Already Know?
Heat moves from warm to cold. Heat comes from the light of the Sun. It warms Earth. Heat can come from other places too.
Light is a kind of energy. Energy can change things. Energy from the light of the Sun can change the temperature. Light comes from many different things. Light can go through some things. Light cannot go through other things. Shadows are made when light cannot
pass through something. Shadows are big when the light is close. Shadows are small when the light is far away.
People can make shadows.

all about electricity

Fuel is anything that is burned to make heat or power. Fuel gives energy. Cars use gasoline for fuel. People need energy. People get energy from food. People need energy
for everything they do. Some toys and games need energy to work. A battery stores energy. You can use batteries to make your toys and games work!
Electricity has energy too. Many things get energy from electricity. You are now about to read more about electricity!
This toy needs energy from a battery to work.

all about electricity

Our Electric World
Many objects need energy to work. We use some of these objects all the time. Many of these things get energy from electricity. You are probably using electricity right now. Are there any lights on? These lights need energy to work. They get this energy from electricity.
There are different ways to get electricity. Plug in a light. This connects it to power lines.
Electricity goes from the line to the light. Or use a battery. Batteries store energy. They give electricity to things that are not connected to lines.

all about electricity

Electric Power
Electricity is made from different things in nature. Coal, gas, and oil are all used to make electricity. Power plants are places that make electricity. Power plants use fuels to make electricity. We burn fuel to make heat. Heat has energy. Electricity has energy. Heat is turned into electricity in power plants.
Electricity makes
this computer work.
Electricity leaves power plants. It moves in power lines. It goes to houses and other places. Electricity moves in wires. Wires are connected to outlets in walls. Some toys and machines have plugs. Grown-ups put these plugs into outlets.

all about electricity

Battery Power
What happens when an electrical toy does not have a plug? It still needs electricity to work. A battery can help. Batteries store energy. Put a battery in a toy. The toy then gets the electricity it needs to work.

all about electricity

What if you want to use a fl ashlight outside? The fl ashlight does not have a plug. There are no outlets outside. A battery can give it the energy it needs to work. Many different things use batteries. Batteries let you take electricity with you!
Batteries make this gadget work.
Switch It On
Electricity fl ows into your house. You use a switch to turn on a light. The switch connects the electricity. Then the electricity can moveinto the light. Electricity moves from place to place. It goes through wires. A switch is a button or knob. It is connected to the wires. A switchcan start and stop the electricity as it moves.A switch that is on lets electricity move. A switch that is off stops the electricity.
A switch can turn
lights off and on.

all about electricity

Electricity at Home
Your home is full of things that use electricity! Picture each room of your house. How many different electrical things pop into your mind?


electrical : having to do with electricity
objects : things you can see or touch
outlet : a place in the wall for putting an electric plug
plug : a thing at the end of a wire to connect it to an electric outlet
power plants : buildings with machines that make electricity
switch : a button that stops and starts electricity moving in a wire
Vehicles : thing that carry people or things
wires : long pieces of metal that carry electricity

all about electricity by Jessica Quilty

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