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Science All Around

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Science All Around

science all arround

Growing Food
Food comes from many places. Some food grows on farms. Machines help farmers grow food. Machines are a kind of technology. Technology is using science to solve problems. Farming machines have changed over time.

science all arround

Planting and Growing Green Beans
Plows make the soil ready. Seed drills help farmers plant bean seeds. Machines make the work take less time. Machines make the work easier.
The beans grow. They are ready. The farmers will harvest the beans. Sometimes farmers use machines.

science all arround

From the Farm To the Store
The green beans are picked from the plant.  They are put on a truck. Off they go to the store!

science all arround

Tools to Make Dinner
Tools make work easier. Each tool does a different job. Let’s make pizza for dinner!
What tools do we need?
science all arround

Serving Pizza
It is time to eat. Tools can help. What tools can we use to serve the pizza?
science all arround

Getting Wood
Long ago people used hand tools to cut down trees. They used rivers to move the logs.
Now technology has changed. Big machines help cut and move logs. Tree shears help cut logs. Grapplers help move logs.
science all arround

Moving Logs
Trucks take the logs to a sawmill. Machines help move the logs on and off the trucks. Machines also help cut the logs into boards.

Simple Machines
A simple machine is a tool. It has few or no moving parts. It makes work easier. Simple machines help do many different jobs. A wedge is a simple machine. A wedge is used to push things apart. The red tool in the log is a wedge.
science all arround

A wheel and axle is a simple machine. A wheel and axle is used to move things. The things on this picture have wheels and axles.
science all arround

Using Simple Machines
A screw is a simple machine. A screw is used to hold things together. Screw A lever is a simple machine. A lever is used to lift something.

A pulley is a simple machine. A pulley can move things up and down. It uses a rope and wheel. Do you see two pulleys?

An inclined plane is a simple machine. An inclined plane is high at one end. It is low at the other end. It makes things easier to move.
science all arround

Tools To Communicate
Long ago people did not have the technology we have now. There were no computers, cameras, televisions, or radios. Now we communicate using all these things.
Technology has changed. Long ago tools and machines were different. Look around your world. What tools and machines do you use?
science all arround

inclined : a simple machine with one
plane : high end and one low end
lever : a simple machine that is used to lift something
pulley : a simple machine that uses a wheel and rope to move things
screw : a simple machine that holds things together
simple : a tool with few or no moving
machine : parts that makes work easier
technology : use of scientific knowledge to solve problems
wedge : a simple machine used to push things apart
wheel : a simple machine used to
axle : move things

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