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How Do You Say Hello

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 People communicate in different ways. Sometimes people write notes or letters. Sometimes people communicate with computers. They send a signal or message from their computer. Another computer receives the signal or message.

The most common way for people to communicate is by speaking. People talk to other people face-to-face. People also chatter on their telephones. Of course, people from another country sometimes speak a different language. This can make it difficult for people to communicate unless they know the other language. Learning some words and phrases in other languages can help you communicate better.

Mount Fujiyama

This is Mount Fuji. It is in Japan. Japan is an island nation. It is in the Pacific Ocean. If you go to Japan, be sure to say “Konnichiwa” (ko nee chee WAH) when you meet someone. That means “Hello.”

Boa sorte” (bo UH sore tay)! In Brazil, that means “good luck.” You may need good luck in this rain forest. That’s because there are many animals and snakes there! Brazil has a lot of rain forests. People in rain forests must stay alert. Brazil also has big cities. This is Rio de Janeiro. It is a large, busy city. Rio also has beautiful beaches right in the center of the city.


Suppose you are in India. You get up in the morning and take a walk. If you pass by someone, they may say “Namaste” (nah muh STAY) to you. That is a way to say “Greetings” or “Hello.” You can say Namaste back and smile.

Machu Picchu

This is Machu Picchu. It is an ancient city. It is in Peru. Peru is a country in South America. When people visit Peru, many go to see Machu Picchu. If you meet someone in Peru, say “Encantado” (en cahn TAH doh). That means “Nice to meet you.”

Over one billion people live in China. It has crowded cities, so you may bump into someone. If you do, just say Duibuqui (doo EE boo kwee). That means “Sorry.”

It is late Sunday afternoon in Italy. Many people are getting ready for their evening walk. They put on nice clothes. Everybody grooms themselves. They want to look nice when they go out. When they meet other people, they may say “Buona sera” (bwo nuh SAY ruh). That means “Good evening.”  Here is the Coliseum. It is an old stadium in Rome, Italy. It could hold 50,000 people! Many people visit the Coliseum when they are in Rome.

 Norway is a country in Europe. This country has many mountains. It is very pretty. Perhaps one day you will go to Norway. You may need to ask someone a question. Start by saying “Unnskyld” (OONK shill). That means “Excuse me.”


These are the Great Pyramids. They are located in Egypt. Egypt is a country in North Africa. These amazing pyramids only took about twenty years to build! If you meet someone in Egypt, you might ask “Ma ismak” (mah ISS mack)? That is how you say “What is your name?”

Eiffel Tower

This is the Eiffel Tower. It is located in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular places to visit in Paris. If you wanted to climb to the top of this tower, you would have to climb up 1,652 steps! When a person leaves Paris, someone there may say “Bon voyage” (bon voy AHJ). That means “Have a nice trip.”

Red Squre Building

Aren’t these buildings pretty? They are in Red Square. Red Square is in the city of Moscow, Russia. Maybe one day you will visit Russia. When it’s time to leave, say “Do svidaniya” (DOH svee duh NEE yuh). That means “Good-bye.”

Victoria Falls

Isn’t this a pretty sight? This place is called Victoria Falls. Part of this waterfall is in an African country called Botswana. Just before bedtime, people flick off the lights. Then they say “Boroko” (boh RO ko) to one another. That means “Good evening” or “Good night.” The next time you want to say good night to someone, how about saying “Boroko” instead?

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