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7 Proven Techniques to Love Yourself

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7 Proven Techniques to Love Yourself.

7 Proven Techniques to Love Yourself
1. Don’t compare yourself with other people!
You were designed to be yourself and nobody else. There is no “normal.” There is no “average.” Rating yourself by other people standards. opinions and abilities, will always make you come up short . you are always at your best when you are comfortably being yourself!.

2. Stay in line with your Conscience and with your own moral standards.

It is almost impossible to love yourself when you feel guilty. Guilt come from doing  things you personally believe to be wrong. So to love yourself more, get in touch with your own values. And live by them! Refuse to violate your conscience!.

3. Forgive yourself.
When you have broken your own principles, so acknowledge you were wrong. Correct the wrong behavior. Learn from it. Then, once and for all, put it out of your mind! The past is gone. Now strive to be faithful to your values in the present and in the future.

4. Separate personal worth from performance.
You are not your work. As Wayne Dyer said: “If you are what you do, then when you don’t you aren’t!” So build your self-worth on your infinite value as a magnificently designed human being. Your ultimate value comes from being human.

5. Accept compliments from people.
Don’t say, “Well, it was really nothing.” Instead say, “Thank you very much.” Receive compliments and allow them to build you up. Appreciate them.

6. Give yourself compliments.
Mark Twain said: “When I can’t get a compliment from anyone else, I pay one to my self.” It is all right to appreciate yourself, so start to compliment yourself often!

7. Use the affirmation.
“I love Myself.” Say it like you mean it - with feeling! Say it in your mind, throughout the day. say it out loud , when you are alone. Then one day you will fully believe it!

Plus 1:" You are the Winner! "
You were one of three million sperms swimming the race of our life. You were competing to see who get to the egg first. And you won you! If you are not a champion swimmer, you are history. So remember “you are not a born loser, you are a born winner!”

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